López Nores, Martín

Personal Information:

Position: Assistant professor López Nores, Martín
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (+34) 986813967
Fax: (+34) 986812116
Location: Room B-304
Personal page: http://gssi.det.uvigo.es/~mlnores/personal/personal.html

Recent publications

  • exhiSTORY: Smart exhibits that tell their own stories.
    Vassilakis, C., Poulopoulos, V., Antoniou, A., Wallace, M., Lepouras, G. & López Nores, M. (2018). Future Generation Computer Systems, (in press).  
  • Developing quiz games linked to networks of semantic connections among cultural venues
    Daif, A., Dahroug, A., López Nores, M., Gil Solla, A., Ramos Cabrer, M., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al (2017). In 11th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR). Tallinn, Estonia : Springer.  
  • Leveraging short-lived learning networks to encourage collaborative peer learning
    Bravo Torres, J. F., E. Andrade-Rea, P., E. Vintimilla-Tapia, P., Ordoñez Morales, E. F., López Nores, M. & Blanco Fernández, Y (2017). In 12th Latin American Conference on Learning Technologies (LACLO). La Plata, Argentina : IEEE.  
  • Onto-SPELTRA: A robotic assistant based on ontologies and agglomerative clustering to support speech-language therapy for children with disabilities
    Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Guamán-Heredia, M., Robles-Bykbaev, Y., Lojano-Redrován, J., Pesántez-Avilés, F., Quisi-Peralta, D. et al (2017). In 12th Colombian Conference on Computing (12CCC). Cali, Colombia.  
  • AVATAR "Autism: Virtual Agents To Augment Relationships in Children"
    Fernando Guerrero-Vásquez, L., Bravo Torres, J. F. & López Nores, M (2017). In IEEE XXIV International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computing (INTERCON). Cuzco, Perú : IEEE.